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"Extend the productive life of your engine"

"You will experience the unbelievable performance of your engine"

As a power booster, it restores engine efficiency lost due to wear and tear. It also increases RPM as it acts as friction reducer. As an economizer, it increases the distance cover per liter in fuel, no more warm-ups. Doubles or more duration of our engine change oil and minimizes engine overheating. As an engine protector, it dissolves engine oil contaminants like water and by products of oil oxidation (carbon and carbon compounds) and increases oil leak-out. It keeps your engine trouble free till you reach the nearest service station. As a coolant, it serves as thermal stabilizer keeping engine cooler longer compared to any leading brands. As an environmental friendly, it reduces the smoke belching problems of our vehicles and it helps the harmful effects of Climate Change.

ABSOLUBE Engine Oil Enhancer Metal Protector


  • 50ml   = 1 Liter for Motorcycle
  • 100ml = 2 Liters Motorcycle (Small Bike/Big Bike)
  • 250ml = 3L to 5L
  • 500ml = 6L to 11L
  • 500ml = 6L to 11L
  • 1 Liter = 12L to 16L
  • 2 Liters = 17L to 26L
  • 3 Liters = 29L to 36L
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100% Filipino owned company established under the laws of the Philippines to manufacture and sell lubricating oils and oil treatment additives for all types of engines including motor vehicles and industrial machineries; registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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